FAQ: Is the s10B dividend exemption applicable to a resident with a 49% interest in 2 foreign Co.’s?

Q: My client owns a 49% equity stake in 2 foreign companies, namely Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

FAQ- Can the expenses incurred while a book is being written be deducted from the royalties from that book?

Author: SAIT Technical

Q: The taxpayer worked on a book from 2011 until 2013 and received the first royalties in 2014. Can the expenses incurred before the royalties were received be deducted from taxable income?

FAQ- Must a sole trader who has two businesses register for VAT when both reach the compulsory VAT threshold?

Author: SAIT Technical

Q: My client trades as a sole proprietor. She has two separate businesses. Must she register for VAT when one business reaches R1million turnover or when the combined turnover for both entities reaches R1million?

Study buddy tips from Emma

emmaHi everyone, my name is Emma and I’ve been where you are, wondering if passing taxation 200 and 300 is actually possible.

Work that core training


In this second week of building yourself a rock solid core (as that Christmas dinner with an overload of pudding is creeping up on you slowly) see if you can push yourself to do this, together with your normal workout routine. Remember, keeping your posture correct during these exercises are key to getting maximum results and preventing injuries. Always squeeze your abs as much as possible when doing any of the following movements. Keep your back straight and head facing forward (support your neck if necessary) Happy crunching!!

Monday: 5 minutes warm up, jogging in place. 40 sec reversed crunches 20 sec rest. 40 sec V-shape hold, 20 sec rest. 40 sec double crunches. 20 sec rest. 40 sec butterfly crunches, 20 sec rest. 50 sec plank, 20 sec rest Repeat all 3 times..

Tuesday: Do your normal workout plan

Wednesday: 5 mins warm up, jumping jack 40 sec straight arms plank, 20 sec rest. 40 sec russian twist, 20 sec rest. 40 sec alternate leg raises. 20 sec rest. 40 sec mountain climber, 20 sec rest. 40 sec plank, 20 sec rest, Repeat all 3 times..

Thursday: Do your normal workout plan.

Friday: 3 mins warm up, high knee – 40 sec double crunches 20 sec rest. 40 sec crunches, 20 sec rest. 40 sec V-shape hold. 20 sec rest. 40 sec side plank, 20 sec rest. 40 sec plank, 20 sec rest. Repeat all 3 times..

Saturday: Do some cardio exercise..

Sunday: Watch a funny movie and Laugh out Loud to get that core working!