how to became tax practitioner

Taxchathow to became tax practitioner
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TaxStudents Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Constance.
What I can advise is that you do an undergraduate degree that has tax as a subject.
This can either be an accounting degree or a law degree.
Afterwards, a postgraduate tax qualification will prove invaluable. This can either be a an H.Dip Tax, B. Comm Honours in Tax or a Masters in Tax. Alternatively, UNISA also has some other postgraduate tax qualifications.
There are some postgraduate tax qualifications that may not require an accounting or law undergraduate degree. However, just make sure you check the admissions requirements of such qualifications. 
Some of the big accounting firms have tax graduate programmes for recent graduates. These can give you good experience as you will have a chance to rotate in the various tax divisions (i.e. International Tax, VAT, Customs, Individuals Tax) of that firm. 
If you have an undergraduate accounting degree with tax as a subject, you can be hired as a junior tax consultant/assistant because you were taught in university how to calculate the taxes of either a company or an individual.  You can then choose to do your tax postgraduate qualification while working.  It is not a requirement to have a postgraduate qualification in tax before you can work as a junior tax consultant/assistant, but it is advisable as it increases your chances to get hired.
furthermore, to be a tax practitioner, you will have to register with SARS as such. SARS will require you be a member of a ‘recognised controlling body’. The South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT) is one such body you can register with.
Here is a link of various tax practitioner designations offered by SAIT that will help: 
Good luck with your decision.
Tax is a very interesting and challenging profession.