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By in Blog on February 11, 2015

emmaHi everyone, my name is Emma and I’ve been where you are, wondering if passing taxation 200 and 300 is actually possible. I’m here to tell you that it absolutely is possible and even to pass it well!

I started studying at the University of Pretoria in 2012 with a Bcom (Law) degree. It did not take me long to decide that I definitely wanted to have taxation as one of my majors for my undergrad. While in no way had I found taxation easy, hard work and consistent effort allowed me to be a part of the top achievers in the  Module. I am now doing my LLB while concurrently registered for a Postgraduate Advanced Certificate in taxation, and have chosen to do both of these degrees at UP as I confidently believe that our university has the single best tax department in South Africa.

Both Taxation modules are not easy, however if you work diligently and DO NOT cram, you will be able to find success. Tax is definitely one of those modules where you have to put in consistent effort, hard work, and constant thought. So here are my tips to success in these modules.

  • Go to class!! Yes I know you supposed to, but as a student I know this is not always possible, but for taxation it is extremely helpful to have the concepts explained, because trying to teach yourself the work is nearly impossible.
  • Keep up to date with learning the content! It is impossible to cram it all in to the extent you need to know the rules to do well. While it might seem that the work is simple when you deal with each concept separately, the work will quickly build up. If you start too close to a test you will find yourself entirely overwhelmed by the work, trust me, almost every tax student has found themselves there at least once.
  • Summarise the content in a way that makes sense to you; whether it be in a mind map, typed out or any other way that works for you.
  • Study in a group. This isn’t for everyone but it helped me to say the rules and sections out loud and to have other people’s opinions and methods for remembering rules. Try teaching someone because it can benefit you both. Sometimes a good discussion can be more valuable than hours of studying alone.

From Portable Study Buddy – Emma Jo Roux (UP)

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