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Never, ever give up!

Take some time to enjoy life! While your studies are currently an important part of your life, it should not take over your entire life.

If you achieved poor results in an assessment: stand up, learn from your mistakes and DO NOT look back. It is in the past and nothing you can do now can change the past. You CAN change the future. Perseverance is key. Never, ever give up!

How to tackle large integrated questions?

1. Use relevant frameworks to tackle large integrated questions, e.g. the framework for taxable income [Gross income – exempt income = Income; Income – allowable deductions, etc.]. This will provide you with a more systematic approach and will build your confidence. Confidence is key during assessments.

Break questions down

Break an integrated question down into smaller more digestible pieces.

Do not get lost in the detail

Tax requires an in-depth understanding of technicalities. However, do not get lost in the detail. Always sit back and think about how something fits into the bigger picture. This will help you to not lose perspective.

Planning your studies

Try not to study on the day of an assessment. It is better to be well-rested than to try to cram in more work just before your assessment.