Masters Degree: North-West University

Looking to further your studies in tax by obtaining a Masters Degree? Look no further than the University of the North-West, offering an MCom in South African and International Taxation. 

Never stop learning

SAIT students

Despite being at SARS for 21 years, Trevor Campbell looked to further his education and career in tax through the SAIT’s brand new education initiative – the Learnership Programme.

You might have heard about our exciting programme, which sees students in the tax field earning a recognised tax qualification, consisting of three main areas: knowledge, skills and practical experience. The knowledge component is achieved through a tax related degree in an approved tertiary institution, while the practical skills through short courses or work related training. The workplace component involves the student getting first-hand experience of working as a tax professional in an organisation.

We have just seen the first round of students finish their exams just this last week. We managed to catch up with Campbell, right after he finished writing, to ask him more about his experiences as a student in the programme.

Question: What made you decide to undertake the Learnership Programme? Trevor Campbell: My qualifications had become outdated and this seemed like the best step forward in improving my qualifications. Furthermore, SARS places a lot of emphasis on auditors constantly updating their knowledge and skills so this was a good way to do both.

Question: How do you anticipate the programme will equip you at work going forward? Trevor Campbell: I’m a lot more confident in myself with regard to knowing so much more about tax from all angles. It’s a very good course, allowing for an all-round knowledge of all aspects of every tax type.

Question: So what is next in terms of your involvement in the programme? Trevor Campbell: I have already passed the knowledge assessment last year and completed the final summative assessment exam last week. My practical and workplace experience has already been submitted and now I’m hoping that I passed the final exams which I wrote on Thursday and Friday. This then means that my learnership is complete.

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