The Tax Career Path

By in Uncategorized on April 22, 2016

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The Tax Profession presents an exciting career with many challenges. Internationally, the Profession is evolving to play an ever increasing and a critical role in business. In the modern world, the Tax Profession can stand on its own with many dimensions and dynamics.

The Tax Profession in private practice makes a contribution to stable and successful businesses. At the same time, Governments depend on effective and professional resources within tax administrations, such as tax auditors, to protect the tax base.

The globalized environment brought about significant complexity and has highlighted the need for the profession to develop a more formalised learning path dedicated to taxation in order to prepare graduates for a successful career in the tax industry and the globalized business environment.

For more information and some instructive videos, log onto the website for the SA Institute of Tax, the largest of the professional tax bodies in South Africa


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