Winners – Tax Professional for a Day Challenge

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A hearty congratulations to all of those that participated in the Tax Professional for a Day Challenge – and particularly our winners! Both Cape Town and Johannesburg proved exciting sessions and we are very proud of all that took part.

How the challenge worked

To get things started, Universities  nominated their top students to  participate in the Tax Professional for a Day Challenge. The sponsors of each challenge then presented a short case study to the “A Tax Professional for a Day Challenge” university teams. The sponsor set a case study and distributed it to each team to read for 10 minutes and formulate an answer.

Each team then presented their solution/opinion. Each team had 5 minutes to present their solution.

The Judges each had 50 points available to them to decide on which areas they wanted to score the students on, for example:

– Relevant areas in Act

– Relevance to Case Law

– Value ad

Presentation skills and critical reviewing skills were also marked.

The sponsors judged each team according to their criteria, and submitted the scores for independent review.

And the winners were….. drum roll please…

1. Cape Town: University of Stellenbosch 

winners CPT

Caretha Laubscher (SAIT Head of Education); Ingrid Whitehead (Operations Manager); Andre Greef ; Abigail Janse van Rensburg, Piet Nel (SAIT Technical); Kyle Jordaan ; Jurgen Potgieter; Michael Koorsse  ; Pfano Rasivhetshele (ENS HR Teamleader)

2. Johannesburg: University of Pretoria 

Winners JHB (L to R) Albert van Heerden; Shannon Imray; Louise-Marei Kotze; Emma Alimohamadi; Gift Mokoena



Adrienne Ashley Klinck from University of Johannesburg

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